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    董事长  陈仲伟    


     The statements of Chairman


    In the golden autumn of 2017, the 19th CPC National Congress points out a new direction for the construction of “Beautiful China”.Dong Shi Kai Neng, with the “low carbon and high efficiency, the green dream and gorgeous environment and wonderful blueprint” as its mission all the time, focuses on technical development services and investment construction of the industrial energy conservation, solid waste integrated treatment, new energy development and other fields and aspires to be the industry-leading national environmental-protection high-tech enterprises with outstanding core competitiveness.
    In the field of energy conservation, environmental protection and new energy technology development and application, Dong Shi Kai Neng has assembled a group of professional and management elites with over 20 years experience, who are experienced and full of dreams and sunshine. Furthermore, they have experienced and completed nearly 400 projects of thermal power generation and energy conservation and environmental protection, thus accumulating a lot of experience in technology research and development, engineering design, project construction and investment operation.
    To create value for our customers is the root of our existence.In order to effectively improve the efficiency of customer service, we rely on the shareholders' resources, ensure the capital needs, establish the scientific and systematic technical and management innovation mechanism, improve the service evaluation system, improve the service level, and concretely provide customers with practical and efficient and stable comprehensive solutions for energy conservation and environmental protection.
    Standing at the forefront of the new era, the people of Dong Shi Kai Neng, inherit the previous career, open up the future road, overcome difficulties and move forward without fear. We hope to achieve the win-win cooperation with all sectors of the community that aim at the energy conservation and environmental protection, implement the concept of green development, and promote the construction of ecological civilization. Achieve the effective use with low carbon in the filed of energy conservation and new energy, to ensure the green development and pursue the green dream. On the other hand, achieve the wonderful blueprint with gorgeous environment, green water and mountains in the filed of environmental protection to make great contributions to the construction of beautiful China, ecological China and green China.

    Chen Zhongwei, Chairman of        
    Guang DongDong Shi Kai Neng Energy Co., Ltd.


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